Not Sorry If You Are This Kind of Fan

Everyone has an opinion that they can give, that really does not mean that you should. Anytime that there is a sporting event on, even in the college world, there are always “those” kinds of fans. You may ask, “Who are you talking about?” Well to answer that question it would be the fans thatContinue reading “Not Sorry If You Are This Kind of Fan”

Sam Pittman Coordinators Hot Board

When Head Coach Sam Pittman mentioned that there were about 100 coaches that had messaged him to come to Arkansas and join his staff there was a good idea that it would not take long to get some coordinators on the staff. Therefore we now have a hot board of candidates for both offensive andContinue reading “Sam Pittman Coordinators Hot Board”

Arkansas’ New Head Coach Sam Pittman

After a month of a coaching search, the Arkansas athletic director Hunter Yurachek has found a new head coach. Sam Pittman will be the next head coach at the UofA. To many, it seemed that this search was a lost cause after Lane Kiffin jumped ship to Ole Miss at the 12th hour. According toContinue reading “Arkansas’ New Head Coach Sam Pittman”

Arkansas Vs. Austin Peay + Arkansas Coaching Search 3.0

Arkansas was at home on Tuesday night for a game against Austin Peay. This game turned out to be more of an officials game than the players game. It is often said that a game has to be in basketball form for it to be a good game. That is very difficult when the officialsContinue reading “Arkansas Vs. Austin Peay + Arkansas Coaching Search 3.0”

Arkansas Vs. Northern Kentucky + Coaching Carousel 2.0

The Arkansas Razorbacks men’s basketball team returned home after their 1 point win against Georgia Tech on the road. Their home game against Northern Kentucky (5-2) had a very good crowd in the arena and it kinda had that feeling of some magic returning to Bud Walton Arena. The game did not start out veryContinue reading “Arkansas Vs. Northern Kentucky + Coaching Carousel 2.0”

Arkansas Vs. Missouri Reaction + Coaching Carousel

After attending the game in Little Rock between Arkansas and Missouri, also known as Senior Day 2.0. Arkansas fans still love their hogs. On an overcast day, for a 2-10 team, and an abysmal season got the hogs. Razorback fans still showed up to the game and the coaches and players gave them something toContinue reading “Arkansas Vs. Missouri Reaction + Coaching Carousel”