Not Sorry If You Are This Kind of Fan

Everyone has an opinion that they can give, that really does not mean that you should. Anytime that there is a sporting event on, even in the college world, there are always “those” kinds of fans.

You may ask, “Who are you talking about?” Well to answer that question it would be the fans that want to criticize a student athlete on how they play or decisions that they make.

Please understand something, they are student athletes and are probably younger than you.

They will make mistakes or change their minds from time to time.

You may get angry about it and you may even decide to let your feelings get the best of you. That still does not give you the right to be negative towards or about them.

Yes you do have a right to your own opinion but think before you tweet or post on social media.

The reason this has come up this evening is in the midst of the post game press conference following the Arkansas @ Ole Miss basketball game a particular fan decided to make a fool of himself.

Yes I understand that you have an issue with the way a player has played in the past, but you look like a fool when you decide to say that this player isn’t buying in or playing hard.

Not every player is going to be a stat stuffer like you may wish, but if the player you criticize comes into the game and does exactly what the coach wants them to do then you should be happy with it.

The problem that has been continuous with this hogs team (given there hasn’t been many) has been trying to find a big man to give Adrio Bailey a rest every now and then.

Reggie Chaney entered the game the other night against LSU and struggled and ended his night quickly following a technical foul.

Let your anger towards him go and move on, and above all else shut up about criticizing student athletes.

Chaney comes into the game tonight and puts in a small amount of 4 minutes but it was a good 4 minutes. Sure he didn’t get any rebounds and sure he had 1 turnover and 1 personal foul but he gave Adrio Bailey a breather which was something that head coach Eric Musselman said he was looking for in this weeks press conference.

So with all of that being said, I’m sorry that Chaney didn’t live up to your expectations in this season, he hasn’t mine either BUT he came into the game tonight after a very forgettable showing at LSU and did exactly what the coach needed. So shut up, pull your big boy pants up and quit criticizing student athletes because you have nothing better to do.

The hogs moved to 13-2 tonight and 2-1 in conference play. They play Vanderbilt at home in a mid-week clash and next Saturday, Kentucky comes to Bud Walton.

GoHogs and WPS!

One thought on “Not Sorry If You Are This Kind of Fan

  1. Nice post, Im not well educated in football but I know about fans being overcritical and the impact it has on others opinions 🙂 and the team itself.


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