Arkansas’ New Head Coach Sam Pittman

After a month of a coaching search, the Arkansas athletic director Hunter Yurachek has found a new head coach. Sam Pittman will be the next head coach at the UofA.

To many, it seemed that this search was a lost cause after Lane Kiffin jumped ship to Ole Miss at the 12th hour. According to a report on Lane Kiffin, there was an agreement in place and was all but signed with Arkansas. Then Kiffin interviewed with Ole Miss, and his agent Jimmy Sexton told HY that Ole Miss had a better offer. HY made the decision that he would not get into a bidding war with them and said that they were moving on. Afterward, Sexton said that Arkansas did have the higher offer and they were still interested but HY told them no and the search continued. Afterward, Hunter Yurachek did what many fans agree with and what former players had hoped for and went after Pittman.

Pittman has been around the game for years, he is a great recruiter and he did just that in his 3 years at Arkansas under former coach Bret Beilema. Arkansas had the heaviest and strongest offensive lines in not just college football but NFL as well.

The following is his coaching career per Wikipedia, and his only head coaching job in college was at Hutchinson CC where he went 11-9-1.

1984–1985Pittsburg State (GA)
1986Beggs HS (OK) (OC)
1987–1988Princeton Junior-Senior HS (MO)
1989–1990Trenton HS (MO)
1991Hutchinson CC (OL)
1992–1993Hutchinson CC
1994–1995Northern Illinois (OL)
1996Cincinnati (OT/TE)
1997–1998Oklahoma (OL)
1999Western Michigan (AHC)
2000Missouri (OL)
2001Kansas (OL)
2003Northern Illinois (OL)
2004–2006Northern Illinois (AHC)
2007–2010North Carolina (OL)
2011North Carolina (AHC/OL)
2012Tennessee (OL)
2013–2015Arkansas (AHC/OL)
2016–2018Georgia (OL)
2019Georgia (AHC/OL)

Pittman will have his hands full this next season with one of the toughest schedules that Arkansas has ever had. A non-conference game against Notre Dame, along with the SEC schedule where Tennessee is on the schedule this next season. Kent State, Charleston Southern, and UL Monroe round out the non-conference slate.

I believe that the sell for Yurachek with Pittman was that he wanted to come here. He loved his time at the UofA and Beilema was the reason that he left because Pittman is a recruiter and Beilema quit trying to recruit as much and according to some reports was drinking on the job. Now I am not sure if that is true or not but if so then I understand why Pittman left.

Anyway, Pittman was a great hire for fans and a safe hire for the UofA. There will be no major contract or a large buyout for Pittman. If he is successful which I fully expect him to be, then you will see that buyout becomes more of a thing but as of this moment, there will be no major buyout.

There will be a press conference at approximately 3-3:30 today introducing Pittman. As always GO HOGS, WPS, and YES-SIR!!!!

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