Arkansas Vs. Austin Peay + Arkansas Coaching Search 3.0

Arkansas was at home on Tuesday night for a game against Austin Peay. This game turned out to be more of an officials game than the players game. It is often said that a game has to be in basketball form for it to be a good game. That is very difficult when the officials are calling ticky tack fouls on both ends of the court all night long. At one point there were 2 carrying violations… something that doesn’t happen in college basketball very often, and definitely doesn’t happen at the professional level.

Arkansas led majority of the game but very seldom was able to pull away from Austin Peay before they would score a few baskets to bring the game back within reach. In the end though the hogs pulled out a good win to go 8-0 on the season. Winning by a score of 69-61.

Stat leaders:
Points – Jimmy Whitt Jr. (17)
Assists – Isaiah Joe (6)
Rebounds – Jalen Harris (3)

Arkansas will play again on Saturday, December 7th at home against Western Kentucky (6-3). They will look to go 9-0 for the first time in 25 years by my calculation (93-94 season) which is also the year they won the National Championship. Am I saying that this team is National Championship bound? No, but it is a great start to the Musselman era.


Many believed that by today we would have a new head coach, there have been rumors that Kiffin is the guy that is getting the job but other reports and “sources” are saying that nothing is complete and that they are waiting until after the coaching search. Kiffin is still the frontrunner and majority of fans have given their approval if they are on twitter. Others are still on the Leach side, and even still have support for Gus.

Gus is not going to happen and he will stay in Auburn for another year until he is on the hotseat all over again.

Leach is still in the running but I don’t know if they will choose him because of his age. I know that it sounds off kilter for saying that but it is my opinion. Leach is a great coach and I believe that if we would have gotten him in the last hire then he would still be here and actually be taking us somewhere other than 2-10 for 2 straight seasons.

Butch Davis has still been in the loop but again I don’t believe this one will happen and I think it is just him possibly getting a raise out of the ordeal.

Justin Fuente is another option that I highly support but he has even lost tread in this search. If he was to be hired I would look at him to hire Barry Odom as his defensive coordinator. I think it will be a stretch for this hire as well but it is not out of the equation.

Last but certainly not least you have Matt Campbell and he is not out of the circle. Campbell signed an extension with Iowa State. Terms have not been released on his extension yet but it is likely to be in the 4+ million range since his pay increase was in 2017 where he received 3.5 million per year following that season.

Again if there are any errors in this please let me know, if there are any other candidates that you believe should be mentioned, comment on here or on twitter @grayman1410. Thank you, GOHOGS, WPS!!!

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